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Oceanside and IMSA

A return to racing for the ETPAmerica , success in South Africa for Mal Joseland and some great local racing!

Challenge Melbourne this weekend in Melbourne!

Oceanside 70.3

Mitchell Reiss, 5.03 Chavon Rosenthal, 5.21 – 9th AG Darcy McCarty, 5.46 Ben Blizard, 6.32 Camille Gomez, 6.12 Mike Davis, 5.00 Angela Kay, 6.33 Cristen Clark, 5.53 April Abregana – No Time Christian Talaue, 5.10

Oakland HM

Stephen Banbury – No time

IM South Africa

Mal Joseland, 9.28 – 4th M45-49 – KONA Qualifier

Run the Rock

Carolyn Heaton Harris, 1.02 Jaci Testro, 1.18

Murray to Moyne

Corey Webster


Xander Schmitz, 32.38 – 1st in Dash Declan Dooley, 43.37 – 1st in Mini Ted Murphy, 48.16 (mini)

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