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Ironman Melbourne Results

Over the weekend we welcomed the return of Ironman Melbourne in fantastic style. It was a perfect morning for racing on our training grounds and we came away with a World Champs qualifier, a podium, a couple of first timers having a solid crack and plenty of PB’s!

Ella Walsgott also dominated the WSTC race in Altona taking the overall female sprint win by more than a minute! Setup by a great swim Ella stayed in front for the rest of the race to come out on top.

Three of the junior boys raced the Tiger5 5km track event. These guys are running seriously fast with Darcy (15:09) and Jackson (16:03) both running PB’s. It’s exciting to see how quick these guys can run and watch them hold their own against track runners.

Ironman Melbourne

Cameron Crofts, M25-29, 4:24:44, PB

Mathew Yanez, M35-39, 4:29:28, PB

Mark Quin, M35-39, 4:43:36, PB

Stuart Tibbitts, M25-29, 4:48:33, PB

Harry Gibbs, M18-24, 4:55:09, First Timer

Aimee Dow, F40-44, 5:03:51, 3rd

Lloyd Toffolon, M30-34, 5:14:51, PB

Melissa Wilson, F40-44 years, 5:16:52

Joshua McHenry, M18-24, 5:17:33, PB

Mathilda Wilmot, F30-34, 5:23:56, PB

James Patterson, M45-49, 5:28:35

Alex Randle, M35-39, 5:31:50, First Timer

Anthony Egan, M60-64, 5:40:04

Gary Nicholls, M65-69, 5:45:26, 4th

Rachel Smith, F55-59, 7:27:25

Matt Power, relay ride/run – 3rd

Richmond Harriers Tiger5 (5km run)

Darcy Williams, Men A, 15:09

Jackson Wright, Men B, 16:03

Ty Davis, Men A, 16:45


Ella Walsgott, Female Sprint, 1:14:33, 1st overall


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