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ETPA Race Results: 2XU Race 4

What a tough day of racing at the 2XU Triathlon Series race 4 in Brighton. The swim was cancelled and replaced with a beach run as well as a windy morning making life difficult on the bike. Despite the conditions we had yet another fantastic day and a great turnout from our athletes. Overall we finished up with 6 race wins, 4 podiums and many strong performances in a challenging race. We look forward to finishing the series off in style at St Kilda in 2 weeks time!

2XU Race 4 Results


Nick Frisby, Male Junior Elite, 53:17, 2nd

Declan Dooley, Male Junior Elite, 54:01, 4th

Ty Davis, Male Junior Elite, 54:18

Matt Power, M40-44, 54:37, 1st

Jack Mitchell, Male Junior Elite, 55:19

Matthew Sullivan, M25-29, 55:25

Taylor Moxon, Male Junior Elite, 55:37

Bevan Holder, Male Junior Elite, 56:46

Kelly Phuah, F45-49, 59:26, 1st

Lucinda Rourke, Female Junior Elite, 59:49, 1st

Jordan Chapman, M20-24, 1:00:09

Rebecca Gilmore, F25-29, 1:01:49, 1st

Karolina Czajkowska, Female Elite, 1:04:04

Melissa Wilson, F40-44, 1:06:28

Kate Sarris, Female Junior Elite, 1:08:06

Amalie Gilchrist, Female Junior Elite, 1:10:10

Alessandra Dent, F15-19, 1:10:24

Ashley Tonelli, F15-19, 1:10:53

David Britt, M60-64, 1:11:18

Penelope Tomkinson, F60-64, 1:16:39, 1st

Casey Malady, F35-39, 1:27:27

Nic Lukies, Male Elite, DNF

Fun Tri

Corey Webster, M20-29, 33:32, 2nd overall (2nd AG)

Oli Anthony, M12-13, 34:05, 3rd overall (1st AG)

Jackson Wright, M12-13, 34:18, 4th overall (2nd AG)

Ben McShanag, M20-29, 34:59, 3rd

Oli Moxon, M12-13, 36:44

Jake Smith, M12-13, 38:07

Aiden Davis, M12-13, 39:46

Georgia Duggan, F14-15, 42:17

Matilda Butterfield, F12-13, 52:01


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