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ETPA Race Results: 2XU Race 3

Weekend Race Results

What a weekend of racing for our crew. Over 40 athletes racing across 3 states! 5 race wins, 2 Elite podiums, 8 AG podiums and a heap of PB’s. Our Elite Juniors ripped in at Devonport racing the Australian Championships and the MTR with some stand out performances and personal bests. Big shout out to Neil Brewster from Shaka racing for helping us get the kids into Devonport with some serious back end planning and support! Also, a special note to Warwick Dalziel Coaching for working with Oscar as we transition him to U23/Elite racing.

These results are driven by a comprehensive program structure, motivated coaches, athletes, and support staff. We could not be prouder of where we are positioned coming into the back end of our summer season and starting the build into winter Ironman racing.

Devonport Australian Junior, U23 and Elite Sprint Championships

Junior Male

Tristan Price, 1:00:38

Ty Davis, 1:03:29

Taylor Moxon, 1:04:17

Declan Dooley, 1:05:44

Jack Mitchell, 1:08:42

Nick Frisby, DNF – mechanical

Junior Female

Lucinda Rourke, 1:09:54

Ola Evans, 1:15:19

Chloe Gorman, DNF

Male Elite/U23

Oscar Dart, 1:00:40

2XU Race 3 – Australian AG Championships


Nic Lukies, Male Elite, 1:02:03, 3rd

Matthew Sullivan, M25-29, 1:02:52, 3rd

Mark Deagan, M40-44, 1:05:32, 4th

Bevan Holder, M15-19, 1:05:57, 4th

Matt Power, M40-44, 1:08:58

Stephanie Demestichas, Female Elite, 1:09:30, 3rd

Jordan Chapman, M20-24, 1:10:06

Rebecca Gilmore, F25-29, 1:10:58, 1st

Phil Hanley, M65-69, 1:13, 48, 1st

Ella Walsgott, Female Junior Elite, 1:16:04, 3rd

Alessandra Dent, F15-19, 1:16:17, 2nd

Kate Sarris, Female Junior Elite, 1:17:36, 4th

Sienna Walsgott, Female Youth, 1:19:03, 4th

Carolyn Tonelli, F45-49, 1:21:10

Ashley Tonelli, F15-19, 1:22:48

Georgia Duggan, Female Youth, 1:24:47

Penelope Tomkinson, F60-64, 1:27:13, 2nd

Fun Tri

Benjamin McShanag, M20-29, 36:04, 1st (1st overall) Corey Webster, M20-29, 36:26, 2nd (2nd overall)

Oliver Anthony, M12-13, 37:23, 1st (3rd overall)

Jackson Wright, M12-13, 37:23, 2nd (4th overall)

Oliver Moxon, M12-13, 39:37

Jake Smith, M12-13, 43:35

Xavier Brandham, M12-13, 47:14

Olivia Cavka, F14-15, 49:37

Jed Deagan, M12-13, 56:52

Queensland Tri Series

Anna Richards, F25-29, 2nd

Barwon Heads Tri

Nathan Hill, M45-49 years, 2nd

Husky long course champs

Kelly Phuah, F40-45, 1st


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