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ETPA Race Results: 2XU Race 2

Weekend Race Results

The ETPA crew backed up another awesome day at the 2XU Triathlon Series. Once again we had over 40 athletes on course having fun and giving their all. The day included another 6 race wins, 7 podiums, lots of PB’s and many strong performances across the board.

With the swim cancelled on Saturday our athletes adjusted to the new format of a duathlon superbly. Lucinda Rourke had an awesome day running her way to the top of the podium with the 2 fastest run times in the Female Junior Elites. Steph Demestichas also had a great race to cross the line 4th in a strong Elite field. Congratulations to everyone down there on another successful day for the club!

Up in Queensland Oscar Dart continues to develop and improve in his training. Over the weekend he ran a 3k PB and took the win in the Joanna Stone Shield in a blistering time of 8:32!!

2XU Race 2 Results:


Ty Davis, Male Youth, 58:15, 2nd

Nick Frisby, Male Junior Elite, 58:49

Matthew Sullivan, M25-29, 59:07, 3rd

Bevan Holder, M15-19, 59:55, 3rd

Lucinda Rourke, Female Junior Elite, 1:03:26, 3rd overall, 1st in category

Taylor Moxon, Male Youth, 1:04:19 4th

Stephanie Demestichas, Female Elite, 1:04:24, 4th

Phillip Hanley, M65-69, 1:06:57, 1st

Karolina Czajkowska, Female Elite, 1:07:43

Jordan Chapman, M20-24, 1:08:08

Kate Sarris, Female Junior Elite, 1:10:51

Ella Walsgott, Female Junior Elite, 1:10:59

Rowena Harris, F45-49, 1:11:09, 2nd

Anthony Egan, M60-64, 1:12:13

Amelie Gilchrist, Female Youth, 1:13:50

Matt Cameron, M35-39, 1:15:54

Sienna Walsgott, Female Youth, 1:17:49

Penelope Tomkinson, F60-64, 1:19:51, 1st

Ashley Tonelli, F15-19, 1:20:50

Olympic Distance

Mark Deagan M40-44, 1:56:56, 4th

Matt Power M40-44, 1:56:59, 5th

Nic Lukies M20-24, 1:57:09, 1st

Ben Briggs M25-29, 2:01:08

Joe Michael, M35-39, 2:07:35

Kelly Phuah, F5-49, 2:07:35, 1st

Billy Grogan, M20-24, 2:12:54

Mel Wilson, F40-44, 2:17:06, 3rd

Carolyn Tonelli, F45-49, 2:27:22

Amanda Thompson, F40-44, 2:30:01

David Britt, M60-64, 2:31:50

David Deakin DNF

Fun Tri

Benjamin McShanag, M20-29, 27:06, 1st overall

Oliver Anthony, M12-13, 27:36, 2nd

Corey Webster, M20-29, 28:35, 2nd

Jackson Wright, M12-13, 29:40

Jake Smith, M12-13, 29:45

Oliver Moxon, M12-13, 31:21

Aiden Davis, M12-13, 31:55

Olivia Cavka, F14-15, 35:06

Xavier Brandham, M12-13, 38:05

Jed Deagan, M12-13, 38:35

Matilda Butterfield, F12-13, 44:53

Kids Race

Billy Butterfield

Chloe Butterfield


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