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So Many Races, So Many Athletes! Ironman Western Sydney, 2XU & TreX Cross Triathlon

Another epic weekend of racing had by ETPA!

Five AG race wins, ten AG podiums, PBs, World Championship qualifying spots, comeback races and first timers.

The breadth of our program is incredible. The youngest athlete on the race track this week representing ETPA was 10 years old and the oldest was 57 years old.

Kelly Miller dominated with a breakout performance at Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney...Kelly popped herself on the podium and collected a 22min PB along the way. Congratulations on being awesome Kelly!

Joe Michael and Jason Sharp also had massive PBs on the day! Congratulations to both men. Benn Briggs had a solid day with a 4:26 and so did Anthony Egan with 5:00, good racing by all.

In the local events, Oscar Dart took the Elite race on at 2XU and went all in on the bike. Oscar attacked the elite field, along with Levi Maxwell, and entered T2 with a small gap on the chase group. Oscar held the run together and finished less than 5 secs off the podium in 4th.

Our juniors fired with PBs, race wins and podiums! So many achievements that we can't mention them all!

Standout performances from our junior podium getters, Ash and Alex Tonelli, Declan Dooley, Nick Frisby, Jack MItchel, Ella Walsgott, Ty Davis, Kodey Hodgson, Amelie Gilshrist, Ben McShanag and Cam Atchinson.

Congratulations all athletes on an epic weekend of racing.

Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney

Kelly Miller, 4:46, 3rd in AG, 22min PB

Joe Michael, 5:00, 20min PB

Anthony Egan, 5:00

Jason Sharp, 4:59, 10min PB

Ben Briggs 4:26

David Deakin, DNF

2XU Sprint

Elite /Junior/youth - draft legal

Stephanie Demestichas, F Elite, 1:06, 6th

Oscar Dart, M Elite, 51:24, 4th

Kodey Hodgson, F Junior Elite, 1:04, 2nd

Declan Dooly, M Junior Elite, 58:13, 1st

Gaius Robertson Christie, M Junior Elite, 1:03:22

Ella Walsgott, F Youth A, 1:08, 2nd

Ash Tonelli, F Youth A, 1:15

Jack Mitchell, M Youth A, 1:00, 2nd

AG - Non Drafting

Jordan Chapman, M15-19 years, 1:02

Came Atchinson, M20-24 years, 57:27, 3rd

Matt Sullivan, M20-24 years, 57:57, 4th

Bevan Holder, 1:02

Damien Main, M20-24 years, 1:09

Mark Stewart, M30-34 years, 1:10

Penny Tomkinson. M55-59 years, 1:18, 2nd

2XU Active Feet Fun Tri

Ty Davis M12-13 years, 22:13, 3rd

Ben McShanag M16-19 years, 22:20, 1st

Amelie Gilchrist F12-13 year, 23:41, 3rd

Taylor MOxon M12-13 years, 23:42

Joshua Donegan, M12-13 years, 26:11

Xander Schmitz, M12-13 years, 27:39

Jaci Testro, F50+, 30:27, 2nd

TreX Cross Triathlon - Standard

David Gunn, 3:15, 3rd in AG

TreX Cross triathlon - sprint

Nick Frisby, 52:55, 1st overall

TreX Cross triathlon - Junior

Alex Tonelli, 33:43, 1st overall male

Ash Tonelli, 29:55, 1st overall female

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