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Challenge Shepparton 2018 Results

A comprehensive coaching platform is made up of a number of key variables. Our program consistently produces high performing athletes who continue to improve year after year.

The reasons why our athletes get to the race start line, race well, and repeat this, race after race are because we are compressive enough to provide high level information on ALL facets of the race weekend. It is rare for our program athletes to have problems related to poor planning or execution on race day. If you are having problems with your racing, give us a buzz and find out why we are so successful from a performance viewpoint.

Standouts from the weekend are many but for us the best outcomes are when athletes have an understanding of the amazing things they have done.

Check out Narissah Shaw's effort. Less than six months training and Narissah is already on the podium over the half distance with a 5:18. Narissiah is a prime example of what is possible when the athlete is challenged in training enough and provided the correct theory coming into a major event.

Marc Primrose also had a great day with a PB over the distance and a super quick run for him. Congratulations on a great day Marc!

John Shiels really stepped up a gear on a limited prep and took his first AG victory, big big effort John! John keeps on progressing and in only two years has come from a beginner into a podium getter, now an AG race winner! What a great story of success.

Amanda Wilson also had a solid day with a slick 81min run. Amanda ran down three other pro athletes and put herself into 4th overall. It's a great step back into 70.3 racing for Amanda and we hear she is just about to get herself on a new bike, so look out.

Achievements like this don't happen by chance, they happen because of thorough planning and execution of skills on race day.

Challenge Half

Amanda Wilson, FPro, 4:24:28, 4th overall, PB

John Shiels, M35-39 years, 4:25:57, 1st in AG

Mark Deagan, M35-39 years, 4:50:42

Melissa Wilson, F25-239 years, 5:09:04

Carolyn Tonelli, F-45-49 years, 5:10:33

Marc Primrose, M30-24 years, 5:16:45, PB

Narissah Shaw, F25-29 years, 5:18:36, PB, 3rd

David Britt, M60-64 years, 6:13:48

Ben Thompson, M35-39 years, 6:11:21

Brett Jacobson, DNF


Sarah Holmes, F30-34 years, 1:16:18, 2nd

Molly Willmott, F20-24 years, 122:35, 4th

OD Teams

Team DTK, Dave, Don and Rob. 2:14:09, 1st place

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