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Australian Duathlon Championships & Weekend Racing Results!

We had a great day down at the Aus Duathlon Championships. The diverse nature of our program was again on show with podiums and PB’s across the field. We welcomed Steph Demestichas back to the podium after an 18-month hiatus from training and racing. Steph is in a building phase and we are expecting big things from her in the back end of the season as her legs adapt to the rigors of long course training again.

Kodey Hodgson, Matthew Sullivan and Amanda Wilson also picked up silvers in their respective age groups. Well done guys, you make us all proud!

The standout performance of the day however goes to Jack Mitchell. Jack really hit his straps and put together a solid run/ride/run combination to come in 7th in the male 15-19 years. This is a great outcome for Jack who suffered a significant injury over the winter months.

Duathlon National Champs – Sprint

7th Jack MITCHELL 00:18:14/ 00:35:18/ 00:11:45

17th Jordan CHAPMAN 00:19:16/ 00:35:41/ 00:14:03

2nd Kodey HOGDSON 00:20:58/ 00:37:11/ 00:12:34

5th Ella WALSGOTT 00:20:08/ 00:42:54/ 00:12:59

2nd Matthew SULLIVAN 00:19:34/ 00:31:48/ 00:12:15

2nd Stephanie DEMESTICHAS 00:20:55/ 00:37:40/ 00:12:30

10th David GUNN 00:21:49/ 00:38:12/ 00:13:57

4th Penelope TOMKINSON 00:24:46/ 00:41:45/ 00:15:17

2nd Amanda WILSON 00:17:57/ 00:33:56/ 00:10:56

Duathlon National Champs – Dash

Ty DAVIS 535 00:34:11

Sienna WALSGOTT 520 00:39:37

Melbourne Marathon

Massive run for our main man, John Shiels! Under the 3 hours mark in a build phase for IM, well done John, keep up the good work pal! Gary Nicholls and Anthony Egan again smashed out solid races. Both men just keep pushing and are a credit to ETPA.

John Shiels 2:59

Gary Nicholls 3:57

Anthony Egan 3:47

Half Marathon

Carl Fannon 84min

Hawaii Ironman World Champs

Simon Magnus Anderson 9:31

Maria Hodges 10:58

Congratulations all!

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