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Results: ETPA Time Trial #3

Results Time!

On Sunday we had the third time trial in our VR Series. In hot and windy conditions athletes produced some outstanding 5km times!

With just 4 weeks remaining until the final 10km TT and 2 Orca wetsuits up for grabs, make sure you keep training hard and consistently!!


Ty Davis โ€“ 16:46 (PB)


Declan Dooley โ€“ 17:04


Matt Sullivan - 17:26

Oliver Ashworth โ€“ 17:54 (PB)

Taylor Moxon โ€“ 18:04 (PB)

Ben Briggs โ€“ 18:30

Trent Papenfus โ€“ 18:46 (PB)

Bevan Holder โ€“ 18:48

Steve Dow โ€“ 18:50 (PB)

Steph Demestichas โ€“ 19:23 (PB)

Ella Walsgott โ€“ 19:59

Marc Primrose โ€“ 20:23

Jake Smith โ€“ 20:51

Aimee Dow โ€“ 21:41 (PB)

Marcus Cook โ€“ 22:32

Olly Moxon โ€“ 22:49

Sienna Walsgott โ€“ 24:22 (PB)

Dave Britt โ€“ 24:35 (PB)

Gary Nicholls โ€“ 24:43

Ash Tonelli โ€“ 25:30

Georgia Duggan โ€“ 25:50

Archie Dolence โ€“ 27:08

Kevin Schicker โ€“ 28:02 (PB)

Jess Baker โ€“ 31:11

Corey Webster โ€“ DNF

Antoine Chaghoury โ€“ DNF

David Deakin โ€“ DNF


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