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Geelong 70.3 Results

Geelong turned on a ripper day for Ironman 70.3. The ETPA Racing crew stood tall with some standout performances from our athletes.

Steph Demestichas lead the way with a ripping 25min PB and 4th female pro. This is a breakthrough race for Steph and we couldn’t be prouder of her drive, commitment and race execution. Steph stopped the clock in 4:22, running a slick 86min half marathon, on the way to collecting her first payday as a professional athlete as well as a slot for the 70.3 World Championships. Well done Steph amazing effort!

In the AG race we had three podiums and one race win. Big shout out to the ever young Anthony Egan and Penny Tomkinson for collecting thirds in their respective age groups. Kelly Miller also overcame some adversity to collect third in her AG and Kelly Phuah stomped on the pedals as she does to take an AG win.

Congratulations to the first timers, Josh McHenry and Mathew Yanez. Massive effort boys.

Congratulations to all coaches and athletes on another epic weekend of racing. Special shout out to Claudia Yanez for being a super clubber and providing athlete refreshments and food. Champion teams need champion supporters, and Claudia is certainly that!

Onwards and upward to Challenge Shepparton and Ironman Melbourne 70.3 later in the season.


Steph Demestichas, F Pro, 4:22:44, 4th, PB

Mark Deagan, M40-44, 4:25:07

Ed Wilde, M50-54, 4:35:00

Anthony Cooley, M35-39, 4:44:53

Kelly Phuah, F50-54, 4:48:47, 1st

Mathew Yanez, M35-39, 4:51:46, First timer

Kelly Miller, F40-44, 4:58:40, 3rd

Paul Vallay, M45-49, 4:59:02, PB

Stuart Tibbitts, M25-29, 5:00:25, PB

Tynan Coles, M35-39, 5:04:36

Oliver Ashworth, M40-44, 5:06:19

Anthony Egan, M60-64, 5:08:36, 3rd

Damian Soong, M40-44, 5:20:22

David Deakin, M40-44, 5:28:01

Mathilda Wilmot, F30-34, 5:31:53

Joshua McHenry, M18-24, 6:03:00, First timer

Penny Tomkinson, F60-64, 6:18:36, 3rd

Aimee Dow, Xrelay - Team Night Hawk, 4:56:48

Matthew Sullivan, M25-29, DNF

Gary Nicholls, M65-69, DNF – mechanical


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