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ETPA Race Results: 2XU Race 1

We are back baby! The numbers that matter from the first 2XU Triathlon Series event for 2021-22.

32 athletes on course

2 x race wins

6 x podiums

4 x first timers

A comprehensive program across the breadth of Triathlon looks like this. First timers through to Elite, across all age groups. Results from our program and commitment from our coaches and support staff year in year out can't be manufactured. Our systems, coaching philosophies, and training dynamics produce resilient, successful athletes.

Draft Legal – Elite racing

Nick Frisby, M Elite, 6th, 56:01

Ty Davis, M Junior Elite, 1st, 56:41

Oliver Moxon, M Youth, 1st, 1:00:02

Oliver Anthony, M Youth, 2nd, 1:02:56

Stephanie Demestichas, F Elite, 5th, 1:03:37

Jackson Wright, M Youth, 3rd, 1:03:49

Kate Sarris, F Junior Elite, 4th, 1:10:45

Ella Walsgott, F Junior Elite, 6th, 1:12:48

Amelie Gilschrist, F Junior Elite, 9th, 1:16:04

Sienna Walsgott, F Junior Elite, 1:17:25

Age Group Racing

William Grogan, M 20-24 years, 3rd, 1:04:47

Stuart Tibbitts, M 25-29 years, 1:05:30

Robert Gashi, M 50-54 years, 1:11:39

Alexander Randle, M Open, 1:12:30

Mathilda Wilmot, F 35-39 years, 1:14:30

Joshua Mchenry, M 20-24 years, 1:16:10

David Deery, M 35-39 years, 1:17:29

Matt Cameron, M 35-39 years, 1:17:34

Melissa Wilson, F 40-44 years, 1:16:27

Gary Nicholls, M 65-69 years, 1:21:41

Penny Tomkinson, F 60-64 years, 2nd, 1:22:59

Casey Malady, F 40-44 years, 1:33:08

First Timers

Mathew Yanez, M 35-39 years, 1:11:23

Jon Zachariou, M First Timer, 1:14:12

Brian Darcy, M First Timer, 1:41:33

Susan Martin, F First Timer, 1:45:03

Fun Tri

Aiden Davis, M 12-13 years, 23:40

Georgia Duggan, F 14-15 years, 3rd, 24:40

Jake Smith, M 12-13 years, 25:00

Stefan Northby, M 20-29 years, 2nd, 25:59

Olivia Cavka, F 14-15 years, 27:10

Jed Deagan, M 12-13 years, 27:48

We also welcomed Nate Walsh back to some form with a solid half marathon at the Fremantle Running Festival yesterday. Nate ran a PB of 1:24:54 for the 21.1k event. Congratulations Nate!


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