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ETPA Race Results

What a weekend of racing! 34 athletes from ETPA took the start line in 4 different events over the weekend. We had a presence at a national level with athletes picking up podiums in 3 different States as well as 2 race wins.

The results from our program speak for themselves. Our Juniors went up to Canberra to compete in the Australian Grand Prix Eliminator event. They came away with a race win, 2 podiums and 2x 4th places in a weekend of short, fast racing against the top juniors from around the country. The rest of the crew were back in Melbourne competing in the second 2XU Triathlon Series event and the Melbourne Marathon. We saw multiple PB’s and podiums rounding out a very successful weekend for the club. Special mention to Nate Walsh who raced over in WA finishing 3rd overall in the Rockingham Sprint Triathlon.

This weekend shows we have such a well-rounded program with podiums from age 12 all the way through to race wins in the 60-64 category. This is a testament to the work both athletes and coaches put in every week over a sustained period of time. To see athletes succeeding in a variety of categories and races speaks volumes to the club’s program and to the work ethic of everyone involved. We love seeing athletes getting the results they deserve.

Quick shoutout to Nick Frisby with a standout performance in Canberra. Nick is now the Australian Junior Grand Prix Eliminator champion after dominating the bike to set up his victory. All the hard work over the Winter period is now paying off for him. Well done Nick.

Australian Grand Prix Triathlon

Junior Male

Nick Frisby – A Final, 19:14, 1st

Jack Mitchell – B Final, 22:40,

Ty Davis – DNS

Junior Female

Ella Walsgott – Finished in second elimination round

Sienna Walsgott – Finished in second elimination round

Youth Male

Oliver Moxon, 44:45, 2nd

Oliver Anthony, 45:02, 4th

Jackson Wright, 47:36

Jake Smith, 56:04

Mixed Team Relays


(Oliver Anthony, Bonnie Young, Oliver Moxon) 2nd

(Mark Rainey, Halle Potter, Jackson Wright) 4th


(Nick Frisby, Lucinda Rourke, Tristan Price) 4th

(Jack Mitchell, Ella Walsgott, Leo Worsam)

2XU Triathlon Series


Stuart Tibbitts, M 25-29, 1:05:58

Kate Sarris, F Jnr Elite, 1:14:53

Alexander Randle, M Open, 1:15:30

Amelie Gilchrist, F Jnr Elite, 1:16:39

Mathilda Wilmot, F 30-34, 1:17:46, 4th

Matt Cameron, M 35-39, 1:18:21

David Deery, M 35-39, 1:18:24

Melissa Wilson, F 40-44, 1:17:28, 5th

Penny Tomkinson, F 60-64, 1:26:34, 1st

Casey Malady, F 40-44, 1:37:21

Susan Martin, Family & Friends, 1:49:05

Brian Darcy, Family & Friends, 1:49:12

Fun Tri

Aiden Davis, M 12-13, 32:55, 3rd

Lucas Harris, M 12-13, 34:40

Xavier Brandham, M 12-13, 36:31

Olivia Cavka, F 14-15, 37:34

Jed Deagan, M 12-13, 38:39

Melbourne Marathon


Steph Demestichas, 1:24:03, 2min PB, 22nd Female overall

Paul Vallay, 1:33:51

Gary Nicholls, 1:50:37

Tamara Joyner, 2:42:48


Anthony Egan, 3:34:46


Brian Darcy, 51:58

Alejandro Yanez, 53:37

Claudia Yanez, 1:27:53

Rockingham Sprint Triathlon

Nate Walsh, 45:18, 3rd overall


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