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2XU Triathlon Series Race 4 Results

The ETPA crew were out in force at Sandringham for race 4 of the 2XU Triathlon Series. We had over 30 athletes racing across the weekend, collecting three 1st place finishes and another 2 podiums.

Well done to all the athletes for showing your stuff and competing hard on a perfect morning for sharp racing. It was great to see all the friends, family and supporters cheering on the athletes and creating an awesome atmosphere at the event.

Over in WA Nate Walsh put in a strong performance representing the club at the Rockingham Triathlon Club Foreshore Triathlon.

2XU Triathlon Series - Race 4


Tomm Jansen, M Junior Elite, 1:00:49, 1st

Ty Davis, M Junior Elite, 1:01:00, 2nd

Oliver Anthony, M Youth, 1:02:28, 1st

Nick Frisby, M Elite, 1:04:29

Oliver Moxon, M Youth, 1:05:34, 2nd

Jack Mitchell, M Junior Elite, 1:06:40

Jackson Wright, M Youth, 1:12:10, 4th

Kate Sarris, F Junior Elite, 1:14:55

Joe Michael, M40-44, 1:15:04

David Deery, M35-39, 1:22:29

Sienna Walsgott, F Junior Elite, 1:22:43

Amanda Thompson, F40-44, 1:24:16

James Patterson, M45-49, 1:24:23

Penny Tomkinson, F60-64, 1:28:53, 1st

Casey Malady, F40-44, 1:37:47

Susan Martin, F35-39, 1:51:25


Matthew Sullivan, M25-29, 2:10:16

Mark Deagan, M40-44, 2:10:18

Mathew Yanez, M35-39, 2:15:18

Stuart Tibbitts, M25-29, 2:19:06

Joshua McHenry, M20-24, 2:34:05

Aimee Dow, F35-39, 2:34:36, 4th

Mel Wilson, F40-44, 2:44:19, 4th

Alex Randle, M Open, 2:45:21

Rachel Smith, F55-59, 3:39:17, 4th

Fun Tri

Jake Smith, M12-13, 34:24, 4th

Aiden Davis, M12-13, 34:46

Lucas Harris, M12-13, 37:04

Alejandro Yanez, M14-15, 39:08

Olivia Cavka, F14-15, 40:05

Matilda Butterfield, F14-15, 47:23

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