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2XU Race 2 Results

The ETPA crew backed up race 1 with another strong showing at race 2 of the 2XU Triathlon Series. We loved seeing everyone out there having a crack and then hanging around to enjoy the post-race barbecue together.

With just a short turnaround between races its encouraging too see how some athletes have worked hard and improved in key areas in such little time. Darcy Williams shot up to 5th overall in the sprint, while the likes of Kate Sarris and Oscar Wootton fought hard to maintain top spot in their category. Special mention to Sanjeev Singh who had an awesome morning and smashed his first race!

It was also great to see the Williamstown High program come down for their first race and enjoy a great morning! We’ve coached them at school all year and they all performed really well in their first race.

What a great way to wrap up racing in Melbourne for 2022! Congrats all 😊



Darcy Williams, M Elite, 57:40, 5th overall

Oscar Wootton, M Jnr Elite, 57:55, 1st

Jack Mitchell, M Elite, 1:06:16

Jake Smith, M Youth, 1:06:27, 3rd

Stuart Tibbitts, M25-29, 1:09:32

Kate Sarris, F15-19, 1:11:54, 1st

Aiden Davis, M Youth, 1:13:51

Mathilda Wilmot, F30-34, 1:18:10, 3rd

Sanjeev Singh, M35-39, 1:23:10

Casey Malady, F40-44, 1:38:43

Daniel Paterson, First Timers, 1:40:23

Tomm Jansen, DNF

Fun Tri:

Oliver Moxon, M14-15, 26:32, 1st overall

Oliver Anthony, M14-15, 30:13, 3rd overall

Lucas Harris, M12-13, 32:31

Brooke Keyes, F20-29, 36:45, 2nd

Jed Deagan, M14-15, 39:10

Williamstown High Program (Fun Tri):

Hayden Tippett, M12-13, 33:52

Ava Palser, F12-13, 35:24

Leo Bettiol, M12-13, 37:00

Isla Briggs-Kennedy, F12-13, 37:42

Nicholas Bettiol, M12-13, 38:16

Emmy Wynn, F12-13, 42:20

Henry Northover, M12-13, 42:45


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