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Females Stand Tall at Geelong 70.3 - ETPA Race Results

What a day for the ladies at Ironman Geelong 70.3!

  • 20 athletes on course

  • 2 x race wins

  • 1 x podium

  • 5 x World Champs Qualifiers

  • Females stand tall

Kelly Miller continues her performance growth taking out her first 70.3 and Australian AG Title. Penny Tomkinson picks up 2nd in her AG with a World Champs Qualification. Narissah Shaw, Amanda Thompson and Melissa Wilson all stamp tickets for the World Champs. The depth of our female program, including medical and allied support, peer support and coach knowledge is market leading.

You can’t hide from the results we turn out each year.

Phil Hanley also smashed his AG with a solid win. Mark Deagan tested his legs on the bike, securing the fastest male 40-44 years ride of the day in addition to some new learnings. The first timers, Michael Korunoski and Shaun Bannister had great days out with solid races.

Matthew Sullivan, M25-29, 4:25:30, World Champs Qualifier

Mark Deagan, M40-44, 4:27:52

Carl Fannon, M45-49, 4:32

Kelly Miller, F40-44, 4:48:04, 1st

Mark Quin, M30-34, 4:56:10, PB

Steph Demestichas, FPro, 5:01

Phil Hanley, M65-69 years, 5:07:13, 1st

Nate Walsh, M30-34 years, 5:07: 17

Mark Costello, M60-64 years, 5:08:31

Narissah Shaw, F25-29, 5:08:24, PB, World Champs Qualifier

Melissa Wilson, F40-44 years, 5:14:22, World Champs Qualifier

Amanda Thompson, F40-44 years, 5:16:26, PB, World Champs Qualifier

Paul Vallay, M40-44 years, 5:17:44

Michael Korunoski, M25-29 years, 5:39:07, 1st timer

Shaun Bannister, M55-59, 5:41:29, First timer

Gary Nicholls, M65-69, 5:42:29

David Britt, M60-64 years, 5:51:12

Penny Tomkinson, F60-64 years, 5:57:52, 2nd, World Champs Qualifier

Anthony Egan, DNF

David Deakin, DNF

Congratulations all on an amazing day of racing

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