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Triathlon Junior Development: ETPA Leading the Way

Our Junior Triathlon program is segmented into four specific developmental tiers: Tier one – Sessional; Tier two – Development; Tier three – Performance; and Tier four – High performance.

These Tiers cover the whole gamut of adolescent development. Adolescence, broadly speaking, is the years from puberty to adulthood, and may be roughly divided into three stages: early adolescence, generally ages eleven to fourteen; middle adolescence, ages fifteen to seventeen; and late adolescence, ages eighteen to twenty-one. Adolescence may be seen as a transitional stage in physical and psychological development. This is a crucial stage in human life that needs utmost parental care, guidance and empathy. As coaches we see our role in this stage of our athlete’s life as symbiotic with the parents. Not only do we share our sports coaching knowledge with our athletes and parents, but life also.

Our Tiered system in recent years has proved its validity as a successful performance program. We currently produce the highest quantity of Elite Juniors from Victoria into the National Triathlon Series and the State School Series. We have also just won the Junior National Championships 2019, and finished third in the Junior Oceania Championships 2019 with Oscar Dart.

Our program manages approximately 30 high performance Juniors in various phases of development. Of which, over 80% of these are successfully racing at their respective age groups elite level.

Junior Training Session

But that’s only one side of our growing program. We also introduce children from the ages of 10 into Triathlon in a fun and safe environment. Our Sessional, Tier one, program is a perfect way to introduce children to the sport we love so much.

We utilise sophisticated group management structures that allows our Elite Junior athletes to train with our new younger junior athletes. Our understanding of the “group environment" means children are exposed, through contact, with the best athletes in the state and country. This enables them to learn about training dynamics and behaviour without necessarily being taught by a coach.

If you are wanting your child to develop confidence, fitness, balance and coordination in a fun environment with a Triathlon flavour, ETPA Junior program is for you!

Why not drop down to a training session and have a look at what we do?

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