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70.3 World Champs: South Africa, WSTC Duathlon & XCR Round 9 Race Results

Results from a massive weekend of racing both locally and internationally!

70.3 World Champs, South Africa

Kelly Miller (5:08 PB) - 21st in age group

Miah Franzmann (5:34) - 21st in age group

WSTC Duathlon


Declan Dooley (1:06)

Angus Dart (1:13)

Corey Webster (1:06)

Nick Frisby (1:03)

Kodey Hodgson (1:12) - 3rd in age group

Penny Tomkinson (1:21) - 1st in age group

Carl Fannon (1:02) - 1st in age group


Ty Davis (38:04)

Alex Tonelli (42:12)

Xander Schmitz 43:38)

Ash Tonelli (42:26)

XCR Round 9

Jordan Chapman (18:36)

Congrats to all of our athletes! We have been extremely impressed with the results we're seeing.

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