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World Championships Qualifier Q&A - Chris Scammell

Get an insight into Chris Scammell, aka The White Kenyan’s, training leading into the World Champs… Or any race for that matter. There is a reason he races at such a high level on a consistent basis!

1. How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your 70.3 lead in?

I’m currently running three times, riding three time and swimming twice a week. I’m very limited to the amount of training due to work commitments so I focus on quality over quantity.

2. What type of power sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

I’ve been doing a lot of strength work mid-week on the mag trainer and hill repeats on my weekend long ride

For example

5 x (4 x 1min at E4 and 75rpm / 1min spin float with 5mins E1+ and 90rpm)

3. What are your peak power and FTP values?

Not sure of my current FTP value but before I started my lead in it was around 3.5W/kg with the goal of getting it to 4W/kg or above

4. What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?

I have been doing a lot of speed work mid-week… 400m reps that lead into 1km repeats

For example.

10 x 1km reps / 1min walk float 2 each at 4:00/3:50/3:40/3:30/3:20 pace

5. Tell us about your hardest training day?

Depends what you mean by hard…

On paper, it could be a 4hr ride with hill repeats trying to hold power and grinding it out…

It could be walking out the door at 6:30pm in the dark with a headlamp and high vis vest to get a run set in or falling asleep on the couch with the kids at 6:30pm exhausted and finding the motivation to pull the mag trainer out at 8pm to get it done. All training has challenges and results don’t come easy but if you want something bad enough you do whatever it takes to get it.

6. What is your biggest tip for new Triathletes leading into a 70.3?

Stay consistent in training, keep communication open with your coach, don’t overanalyze and trust the process. Results will come, and, remember to smile when you cross the finish line

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