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ETPA Race Results: Geelong 70.3 and 2XU Race 5

We had another exceptional weekend of racing. Geelong turned on the weather for us and our athletes did not let us down.

Firstly, we’d like to acknowledge our first timers over the 70.3 distance. Congratulations goes to Billy Grogan, Matt Cameron, and Paul Wright. Three champions in the making! 😊

Secondly, a big thumbs up to the hardened podium getters who keep on pushing and epitomise the ETPA spirit of training and racing hard. Kelly Miller, Gary Nicholls and Penny Tomkinson.

Lastly, we wanted to take a moment and recognise the people who just keep getting faster. No fluff, no excuses, just get faster! Mark Deagan, Amanda Thompson and Paul Vallay, you guys are awesome. Big congrats to everyone who toed the start line after a long break from racing in Victoria.

Geelong 70.3 Results

Mark DEAGAN (#313) 04:26:57, 4th

Matt POWER (#942) 04:45:00

Kelly MILLER (#188) 04:48:36, 1st in AG, 13th female overall

William GROGAN (#394) 04:55:27, 1st timer

Nigel HOWARD (#1041) 05:00:23

Anthony COOLEY (#748) 05:01:46

Stephanie DEMESTICHAS (#37) 05:06:39

Maurizio DAL COL (#751) 05:07:16

Tynan COLES (#1329) 05:09:12

Paul VALLAY (#346) 05:10:46

Oliver ASHWORTH (#173) 05:11: 11

Amanda THOMPSON (#351) 05:29:41, 5th

Anthony EGAN (#1269) 05:34:12

Matt CAMERON (#737) 05:45:11, 1st timer

Gary NICHOLLS (#368) 05:50:52, 2nd

Brett JACOBSON (#915) 05:53:24

David BRITT (#1264) 05:54:09

Penny TOMKINSON (#1283) 06:08:48, 2nd

Paul WRIGHT (#1181) 06:13:00, 1st timer

Team ETPA - Rob Gashi, Dave Deakin, Amanda Wilson, 4:48

The 2XU series culminated in race 5 of the series today. ETPA again had a solid day out with four podiums and three race wins. Our club finished 4th in the tri club series results which is a fantastic result in a tough, condensed season! Congrats to all the athletes who competed on Sunday and throughout the season in the other races to achieve this result.

2XU Results


Declan Dooley, Male Open, 1:14:35, 3rd

Ty Davis, Male Open, 1:15:58, 4th

Nick Frisby, Male Open, 1:20:04

Taylor Moxon, Male Open, 1:24:00

Kate Sarris, F15-19, 1:28:18

Alessandra Dent, F15-19, 1:29:10

Ella Walsgott, F15-19, 1:30:16

Sienna Walsgott, F15-19, 1:35:38

Georgia Duggan, Female Open, 1:36:56, 3rd

Ashley Tonelli, F15-19, 1:39:10

Jack Mitchell – Time TBC


Nic Lukies, Male Elite, 2:07:20

Matthew Sullivan, M25-29, 2:07:51, 2nd

Kelly Phuah, F45-49, 2:15:29, 1st

Lucinda Rourke, Female Junior Elite, 2:18:35, 1st

Jordan Chapman, M20-24, 2:23:45

Karolina Czajkowska, Female Elite, 2:24:20, 4th

Melissa Wilson, F40-44, 2:29:52

Lloyd Toffolon – DNF

Fun Tri

Bevan Holder, M16-19, 42:03, 2nd (3rd overall)

Oliver Anthony, M12-13, 42:25, 1st (4th overall)

Benjamin McShanag, M20-29, 42:57, 1st

Jackson Wright, M12-13, 45:22

Oliver Moxon, M12-13, 46:59

Jake Smith, M12-13, 48:47

Aiden Davis, M12-13, 50:15

Stefan Northby, M20-29, 54:45

Matilda Butterfield, F12-13, 1:04:50

Corey Webster - DNF


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