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Results! Results! Results! Alpe Du Zwift!

Check out these times for the iconic Alpe Du Zwift course. Please note every effort was taken to ensure each participant competing in this series was using correct body weight measurements and a correctly calibrated power meter for each climb.

Earlier this year we ran a sequence of Alpe du Zwift competitions to see who could ride up the virtual mountain in the fastest time. We started with a single climb then went on to complete multiple climbs in the same session.

We had some cracking efforts; the results are in and we have the winners.

Male Youth:

Ty Davis – 48:04

Male Junior:

Bevan Holder – 51:17

Male Adult:

Mark Deagan– 48:43

Female Adult:

Kelly Miller – 55:15

Huge congratulations to these legends and to everyone else that joined in. These guys have each won an ETPA water bottle, swim cap and T-shirt.

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