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Wetsuit Fitting For Optimal Performance

ETPA is excited to announce that they have partnered with Orca and the Williamstown Swimming & Life Saving Club to provide a wetsuit testing day for all triathletes.

Putting your wetsuit on correctly can mean the difference between a fast or slow swim. The wetsuit should feel like a second skin and allow for optimal stroke efficiency. Unrestricted reach at the top of your stroke and pressure under your arms at the bottom of your stroke are KPI's of every wetsuit fitting. Your suit should feel balanced on your body and seams should be measured against key landmarks on your anatomy. Each time you put your suit on it should fit the same as the time before.

Mat's three tips to putting your suit on correctly for optimal performance

  1. Make sure the suit is pulled up as high as possible and you have full range of motion in your stroke.

  2. Use gloves, and socks or a bag.

  3. Grab the suit with your paws, not your fingertips, and pull up in bunches of material.

Mat's three tips to getting your suit off quickly

  1. Put lubricant on the outside of your suit on your legs at arms. Try a non-petroleum based lubricant such as body glide.

  2. Undo the zip as you are running out of the water (if in a triathlon) so when entering the T1 area your suit is already partially off.

  3. When the suit is caught up on your feet, put your thumbs under the suit and lever over your foot.

For the full video click the link below:

This is a fantastic opportunity to check out and try on the latest range from Orca. ETPA & Orca staff will be on site to help provide guidance and assistance for athletes of any age or ability.


Orca Test Day

Date: Saturday the 30th of November

Time: 9-11am

Location: Williamstown Swimming & Life Saving Club

Be Sure to Click ‘Attending’ to keep up to date with any new information:

For any further information contact Mat Tippett on 0414 303 464

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