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ETPA, Jara Sport and Shaka Racing - Junior Triathlon Training Day

Simon Knowles, Director of Jara Sport, offers unique insight and wisdom gleaned from 10 years of professional racing including x3 World championship Professional teams, National Sprint and Olympic distance champion and winner of events such as Noosa Triathlon.

With over 15 years of coaching, Simon's extensive history includes coaching T.D.V.P camps and developing some of Victoria best Junior athletes to full scholarship V.I.S and I.T.U world cup competition. Simons rich history of coaching junior athletes in Victoria is unique and should be regarded as industry leading.

Neil Brewster from Shaka racing has been the cornerstone of ITU Junior Development for over 15 years in Victoria.

From the early days when he was the board member of Triathlon Victoria responsible for architecting the Triathlon Victoria Development Program. Neil is still actively involved in the TVDP.

In recent times Neil has successfully developed his own Squad for performance juniors, Shaka racing.

Neil has been a Triathlon Australia coach for over 13 years and a Performance coach for 10 of those years, his experience is invaluable from Ironman to ITU racing.

Mat Tippett is the head coach of ETPA, and current coach of the Australian Junior Triathlon Champion. Mat has worked closely with TVDP and continues to assist the program where possible.

Mat currently oversees the ETPA high performance junior program. This program has produced Multiple Australian champions and National series athletes. The ETPA junior program is regarded as the current market leader in Victorian junior development with over 10 athletes racing at a national level.

Location: MSAC

Meeting Point: On the Pool Deck (Outdoor Pool)

Duration: 9am arrival for a 9:30 start – 2pm finish

Cost: $60 per athlete

Syllabus: 3 x 90mins sessions delivered by industry leading expert coaches

  1. Swimming mechanics and technical development including video feedback - Simon Knowles

  2. Effective Transitions – set up and procedure – Neil Brewster

  3. Flawless race lead in, the taper period and warm up sequence – Mat Tippett

Coaches: Simon Knowles, Neil Brewster, Mat Tippett

What’s Provided: expert coaching, refreshments and light snacks

Who can attend: any junior Triathletes from the age of 13-19 years of age

What do you need to bring: bike and cycling gear, running and swimming gear

If you have any questions about this event, please call Mat directly on 0414 303 464

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