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Results: Port Macquarie & SSA National Championships!

We had another ripping weekend of racing to cap off the domestic season. This weekend the girls stood tall with Kelly Miller and Carolyn Tonelli both qualifying for Hawaii. Kelly was the standout with a breakthrough win in her age group and becoming the first female age grouper overall. This is an unbelievable result for Kelly and her coach Darren. Kelly is a mum, full timer worker and is isolated in training due to geographic reasons.

Carolyn Tonelli also laid out an epic first Ironman, coming 5th in her age group and collecting her ticket to Hawaii. Carolyn and Mat spent a lot of time planning and her lead-in to this race was on point.

The other first timers also stood tall with Joe Michael and Marc Primrose both having great races.

Steve Stroud, Mark Deagan and Gary Nicholls also did themselves proud. Gary just ticked off his 16th Ironman Australia, which is a massive achievement. Congratulations Gary!

In the 70.3 we had Miah Franzmann win her age group. Amanda Thompson achieved a life goal of collecting a world championship qualification and we couldn’t be happier for them both.

We also had a few 70.3 first timers, congrats Mark Quin and Paul Vallay, awesome first up efforts.

David Deakin and Sarah Holmes both had problems with the lingering effects of viruses. Dave stayed on task for the whole race and ended up staying strong until the end and so did Sarah, both will live to fight another day.

We also had SSA National Championships on over the weekend:

Nick Frisby was the best placed ETPA athlete with a 10th in his category. Not far behind Nick was the little pocket rocket Ty Davis, coming in 11th.

Taylor Moxon made a technical error in his race and was unfortunately disqualified. Amelie Gilchrist really stepped up a gear in her race coming in 13th, which is a reflection on her rising talent.

Ella Walsgott paid the price of a virus the week leading in and was slowed significantly in her run. Ella will reload now and we will see a better version of her next time she races.

ETPA placed five juniors in the Victorian Squad for this season and we couldn’t be prouder of how they are conducting themselves.

Congratulations all on capping off another fantastic season of racing

Ironman Australia

Kelly Miller, 10:11, 1st female age grouper overall, 1st in AG, PB and Hawaii qualification

Carolyn Tonelli, 11:16, 5th in AG, 1st timer, Hawaii qualification

Mark Deagan, 10:16 PB

Gary Nicholls, 12:32, 6th in AG

Marc Primrose, 11:20, 1st timer

Joe Michael, 11:28, 1st timer

Steve Stroud, 11:58

Ironman 70.3

David Deakin, 5:18

Miah Franzmann, 5:21, 1st in AG

Amanda Thompson, 5:29, World Championship qualification

Sarah Holmes, 5:49

Paul Vallay, 5:47, 1st timer

Mark Quin, 5:38, 1st timer

School Sports Australia National Championships

Intermediate Male

Nick Frisby, 10th

Intermediate Female

Kate Sarris, 22nd

Ella Walsgott, 23rd

Junior Male

Ty Davis, 11th

Taylor Moxon - Disqualified

Junior Female

Amelie Gilchrist, 13th

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