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WSTC TRI, Runaway Bay, Ballarat Tri - Pre Xmas Hitouts

Great weekend supporting a few local events around the state.

Well done to all those who got out and have a fun, hard hit out pre Christmas!

Bring on the festive season, consistent training and more racing in 2018!

WOW Swim Classic – 10km

Sam Friedman – DNF (illness)

WSTC Sprint Triathlon

Andrew Jordan, 1.16 Jason Sharp, 1.09 Carolyn Heaton Harris, 1.19 Peter Graham, 1.17 Jordan Chapman, 1.09 Kane Southwell, 1.05 Corey Webster / Bethany Lloyd, 1.07 (1st Team) James Antonio, 1.18 Amanda Wilson, 1.02 – 1st Female Matt Sullivan, 1.02 Dennis Neal, 1.02 Lee Dorow, 1.24 Austine Parker, 1.05 Simon Anderson, 1.01 Michael Lacorcia, 1.10 Warwick Schmitz, 1.09 Sophie Findlay, 1.16


Xander Schmitz, 30.42 – 2nd!

Ballarat Tri

Mel Phillips, 1.43 Lucas Bell, 1.19

Runaway bay National junior series

Kodey Hodgson, 1.10 Oscar Dart, 57.49 (79points) – 6th overall

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